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Used to call in the country on the teensnow way home from work at 2 or 3 o'clock in the gym..... All muscles pumped... hut had been using a large hole between the two cars or, to use BTMS tracksuits, t- shirts go... They came in strips n boots n penis ring like a hand through the hole in a sense, teensnow then I would make me feel closer to move all the hole and then slide my cock and balls sucked up n drainage.... be used there for hours on some nights.... one night he saw a man enter the booth next to denim jeans JKT s sitting on the toilet, stroking his cock through the fabric.... After a few minutes, he leaned over to look through the hole n... I have no idea why, but I was nervous... kept thinking about the police... I waved my dick through the hole, so... then I felt her soft warm mouth around my dick hard as he stroked my balls.... I heard him teensnow move n pushed my dick through the hole.... I sat down to watch.. n He stood in front of the hole n zipper and pulled out a monster cock beautiful shavedheavy, semi -hard and big balls.... I licked my lips so that the EPC see n he just stood there masturbating slowly, teasing me.... I was very hot naked on my side of the cockpit with this stud monster cock in jeans the other side... I cldn't, as he zipped up n went without giving me a taste.... I sat on the toilet, masturbating, waiting..... A few minutes passed when I heard someone come in... No I was looking through the hole again... this time without hesitation, teensnow he pushed his semi hard cock through the hole nn I kneeled down as much as I did in my mouth.... EPC teensnow is too big or was gagged, but he got big balls, so that through EPC n stroke,... He began to grow in my mouth felt it harden and then heard someone enter the house.... the door was tried, but it teensnow was closed.... I got up n opened a little... There was a man in a dark coat and EPC EPC althouth that is only my shoulder I see that was stripped from.... He opened the sack his cock n me.... very nice, with cock strap.... I opened the door for me n naked with a hard cock in rubber cockrings n boots, then stepped back so you can see the EPC Hanging monster cock through the hole... He pushed me in the cab was then in no sense the other guys cock... I'm on my knees again n me fed monster cock, sucked and licked... He pushed my head forward to take over the key guys jeans as he masturbated... then put my head on his cock as he leaned forward to suck his dick.... denim then both knelt down n had the monster cock in the mouth, exchange between us, sucking thick shaft of the other nn sucks big balls licking.... No spitting saliva exchange... Layer behind me, his hard cock on my shoulder, bowed to pressure and denim n my boobs pushed harder through the hole... I was kneeling in the bathroom stinky pee, at 9. 30 on a cold night, naked, with basically two types of me as the toy of their cocks.... I love that... coat opened the door n Pulled me in the master bath... Denim then opened the door n was... The two sit beside me, caressing my naked body, I like both of the cocks... Jeans monster cock felt in my right hand on the left.... No I Pod Coats leaned forward and spread my legs... Denim pushes his cock in my face and forced my mouth... I felt warm spit in my ass then drop right into my wet hole tongue came in hard masturbated me.. n squeezed my tits as he teensnow did... I cldn't wear for long and soon he was going to cum... pushed me to my knees, he masturbated in front of me with his mouth open No, I hit the ground, both shot as they knelt all my tits, face and neck.... sperm is reduced to my chest as she shook her tail on me... coat gave me a handkerchief s denim has helped me to my feet... I pulled out of the n, who were friends all the time on.... Denim is just getting shit mate n tellcome in n teensnow behave like a stranger to cock 3way.... N Loved met again several times... Xciting tho was not the first time I thought I was with strangers.
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